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With years of experience in providing professional services, we understand that you need to be able to rely on your suppliers and feel that they are approachable. We also understand that the level and quality of the work is also important. That is why our goal is to ensure the highest quality at every stage in the handling of your projects. 

Here are some examples of VidaVia quality:

* We're on the path towards ISO9001 quality accreditation.

* We use an industry standard issue management tool for all of our projects so each project issupported by a full project database (including file store and project wiki) as well as a searchable history of the project.

* All meetings are covered by Contact Reports which document the ideas, preferences and agreements.

* Hosting and Email services are supported by a Hosting & Email document which you keep and which details the current state of your services.

* Development, Design, Testing and Deployment are covered by process checklists.

* Our Hosting facility aims to guarantee 100% up-time for your websites and offers the very best in security and reliability.

 We believe that quality processes have to evolve and must involve the client also. If you think we can improve on our quality of service then we would be grateful for your comments.

 Ask us about “VQ”

“VQ” is the name we give an unwritten rule here at VidaVia. It stands for “VidaVia Quality” and it’s where we’ve set the mark for quality of all deliverables and how we deal with our clients. Ask anyone on our team about VQ and they’ll tell you it’s what they’re aiming for every day at VidaVia.