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Why Us

What makes us so different?

We've spent a lot of time serving large clients in a big agency environment - and we have delivered the best of services to these clients. VidaVia's philosophy is to offer that same big agency service but with a small agency feel.

What does "big agency service" mean?

This means quality - all down the line. Whether we are holding client meetings, capturing the brief/requirements, developing, designing, testing or delivering, we aim to offer the best possible level of quality in our service. Just about every step is documented, carefully considered and tested. The overall aim is to deliver the right service at the right time (and at the right price) and to keep our clients satisfied. We believe that you will be so satisfied with our service that you will tell your colleagues and associates about us - and then it all becomes worthwhile!

What does "small agency feel" mean?

It means approachability, friendliness and not forgetting to enjoy the experience. It still means a lot of hard work and effort on our part. It also means that the cost is possibly not quite as high as you might expect!

So what's your approach?

When we work on your projects, we will apply ourselves as if they are our own projects (and as though your business is our business) - but we'll keep the proceedings as informal as possible to ensure that you will look forward to doing business with us again in the future.