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Famous Designer Website Built

Our client, BSSP, wanted to a novel way to show off their design portfolio.

BSSP and their founder, Bill Smith, have responsible for some of the most memorable music album art of the last 30 years and, more recently, for a range of contemporary design ranging from MotoGP to interior design.

If you are old enough to have actual physical albums in your collection, pick up a handful of sleeve notes from the past 30 years and the chances are you’ll be looking at a credit to Bill Smith and/or BSSP.

Their client list reads like a who’s who of rock and roll, including Eric Clapton, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Mike Oldfield, The Jam, Kate Bush, Alison Moyet, UB40 and a raft of international artists up to Mel B and Gary Barlow.

The BSSP website design concept was the brainchild of Bill Smith himself but the actual “bringing to life” of a paper design was left to VidaVia. Built using the latest Adobe Flex multimedia techniques, the website is published as a Flash site and is an apt frame for the BSSP portfolio. Work continues on this innovative project.

For more information, visit the BSSP website here: www.bssp.co.uk

Innovative flash-based animations introduce portfolio of album cover designs:

BSSP Website


Innovative flash-based animations introduce portfolio design concepts:

BSSP Website