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AttachAware Attachment Reminder

A great example of the transition from "wouldn't it be great if" to fully functioning, delivered solution!

AttachAware was borne from frustration that Microsoft Outlook doesn't really help to safeguard from forgotten attachments. At VidaVia we strive hard to reflect our professional internal working with a professional image - and forgetting attachments were an annoyance we weren't prepared to put up with.

After researching and brainstorming the problem a startlingly simple idea was discovered - that Outlook users already know, when they start writing an email, whether there will be an attachment to that email. So the answer is to simply ask the user to choose whether to create a new email with an attachment or one without an attachment - and then to remind the user if they didn't provide the attachment.

Simple idea. Complex solution. Of course, the simplest ideas end up being bogged down in the intricacies of the delivery environment - and Outlook is somewhat complex with myriad special cases.

Tenacity won out, however, and AttachAware was successfully trialed. That just left the small issue of how to deliver it to its audience.

Umbraco was chosen to provide the content managed website - mainly because of its multi-lingual capabilities and its integration with TeaCommerce. We built a fully functional software licence delivery mechanism into the TeaCommerce package and developed support utilities to further support single licences, multiple licences and domain licences. This all plugged into a payment gateway and invoicing system.

The end product is now delivered exclusively online via the Umbraco-driven website and the transactions and licences managed by our adapted TeaCommerce system.

As for attachments, we've not forgotten ANY since we started trialling AttachAware!

Mission accomplished - and a great journey along the way.

Website: www.attachaware.com