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Enabling Europe's Largest ISP

One of our earliest successes was developing the Installation Pack, Welcome Pack and Internet Explorer Toolbars for chello broadband (now part of UPC Media).

This desktop application architecture solution was truly multilingual with versions released across 10 European countries with language selection across 10 languages.

Adding to the challenge was the development across a number of operating systems (back then we also supported Windows 98/ME/XP and MacOS).

The solution was a huge success - leading to not only massive savings in calls to chello technical support, but also in massive earnings across their European franchises from toolbar searches.

True to our philosophy of over-delivering on quality, the chello Welcome Pack software was adopted not only by consumers (over 6 million installations across Europe) but also by their technical installers - there was simply no other tool as reliable to diagnose network faults in detail.

Definitely a win-win!

chello installation pack 8.0