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GPS-ibd Aids UK DNA Forensics

One of the UK's leading forensic laboratories and leading laboratory services companies has adopted our DNA analysis software suite, GPS-ibd.

GPS-ibd allows for the rapid construction of familial pedigree hypotheses and the population of full or partial DNA profiles. Statistical comparison, based on Bayes Nets theory, of the hypotheses leads to detailed likelihood ratio results which can be output as formatted template-based reports.

GPB-ibd Screenshot

The inclusion of a powerful batch profile processor allows GPS-ibd to be linked to a national DNA database for full familial matching against specific pedigree hypotheses and for the results to be ordered by likelihood ratio. This allows GPS-ibd to be used to help guide criminal justice investigations as well as play a pivotal role in disaster victim identification (DVI).

For more information on GPS-ibd, please contact Martin Robinson martin@vidavia.com