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Innovation at Heart

Fact: VidaVia has been involved in the development of some of the most successful UK innovation websites including:

We have worked with a number of client teams on websites and systems to support and showcase innovation within the UK. These include systems to allow the publication of competitions/challenges to which businesses can respond and apply, ultimately resulting in the review of applications and the awarding of contracts.

Such competition systems allow the dramatic shortening of the tendering process – which is all important to SMEs operating in today’s business environment. Small businesses (and some large ones) cannot afford to invest time and energy in responding to government tenders only to have to wait for 6 months or more before being told the decision on the tender process. It can be several months more before a successful company can actually generate revenue from such projects.

Therefore, with systems in place to shorten the tendering process – whilst maintaining (and even strengthening) the application gathering and review process – contracts can be awarded within weeks of competition publication. This means companies can start generating revenue quicker – and the requirements of the competition can start to be fulfilled quicker – a win-win for all concerned.

Online competition systems also allow for all aspects of the tendering process to be recorded and audited – which can support ISO accreditation for the organisations that run them.

Other systems allow the showcasing of existing innovations – these can help spread the word about innovations, leading to wider awareness and greater uptake for innovative technology/service adoption.

The NIC systems, built by VidaVia over the last several years, support the entire lifecycle of innovation – from the publication and discussing of clinical needs (typically within the NHS), the publication of competitions and the gathering/reviewing of applications to the awarding of contracts. The NIC system also allows for ongoing projects to be managed, complete with an audit trail, and with a focus on ensuring positive outcomes and adoption. Successful innovations are then showcased on the NIC’s own showcase website – which helps to promote the uptake whilst also providing inspiration for those thinking of publicising a clinical need. This also inspires SMEs to participate by following the published clinical needs and responding to published competitions.

The Spark system provides showcase publication with a wider social network discussion – Spark aims to promote awareness of innovations and encourage the adoption of successful new technologies and services. Rather than being NHS or clinically based, the Spark system is aimed at a pan-governmental approach – aiming to include many community organisations as well.

Innovation is key to the future of UK plc – and to most countries for that matter – it’s the vital life blood of businesses to supply innovative solutions to emerging requirements. Shortening the innovation lifecycle, enabling rapid turnaround and revenue generation for SMEs, and fulfilling the needs of government – all these aspects provide a boost where it’s needed most.

VidaVia really enjoys the important role that we play in helping to build and maintain these key innovative systems and we hope to leverage our skills and experience in innovation to help develop future sites and systems to take things even further.

VidaVia - Innovation at Heart


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