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Linked Data and the Semantic Web

Vidavia have embraced the semantic web by supporting linked data initiatives for a key UK government agency.

We are now able to work with ontology development, triple-store configuration and optimisations, SPARQL-endpoints and RESTful interfaces.

The VidaVia development team are all highly experienced and highly capable - and the move towards semantic web principles has been a fairly smooth transition (although we continue our work at the forefront of other online and offline technologies).

We have produced a number of complex Drupal sites (Drupal is an Open Source content management system) and we are enjoying taking the opportunity of our latest challenge to step up and adopt Drupal 7.

The challenge, as always, is to apply technology pragmatically to deliver a usable advantage over what was previously available. Our work with high-load websites and real-time graphics means that our skills in optimisation techniques can be applied to deliver performance with linked data initiatives.

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