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Local Walking For Health

VidaVia have developed a complex technology platform to help engage citizens with the great outdoors.

Internally project codenamed "Grassy Feet" the project has found its feet, literally, as "Local Walking For Health" and is being proposed as a socially engaging healthy lifestyle platform for local councils in the UK.

Comprising of social network facilities, content managed articles, geographic mapping and 3D walkthroughs, the website helps to bring people together to share walks, runs, cycling routes and hints and tips.

There's also a full e-commerce system integrated into the solution (which can be disabled for those organisations who do not wish to have a storefront) - and the commerce platform has been configured to allow both manual product/store administration as well as automatic catalogue import from 3rd party commerce systems.

The system promotes a multi-layered geographical view of the UK along with customised layers showing walking routes, photos, wiki pages and other related content.

Users are able to upload photos and routes from an associated mobile app.

Syndicated content allows an organisation to be kickstarted with interesting articles and helpful hints and tips to their users/members/citizens.

The technology is based around Drupal, the open source content management system, plus custom made modules to offer the full socially integrated experience.

www.grassyfeet.com (coming soon!)