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National Innovation Centre Project Awarded

The NHS National Innovation Centre have awarded VidaVia a project to rework their online suite of applications.

The NIC recognised that their existing websites no longer fully reflected the goals, values or features to represent their organisation.

VidaVia have been appointed to rework the design and remodel key functionality to ensure that the NIC online suite help the NIC continue to perform.

VidaVia have a focus on innovation - responsible not just for the NIC online systems but also for Spark which is an innovation showcase sponsored by BIS (UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills). In addition, we developed the software for "The Key" - a pan-government competition system for the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) and the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI).

VidaVia have a reputation for being innovative - and this includes our own internal projects as well as those we perform for clients. An example would be eco2pc - a novel PC power saving system which is due to enter trials in the UK shortly.

The National Innovation Centre website is here: www.nic.nhs.uk