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Secure Online Collaboration for Sanger Institute

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and 3i Consortium have adopted VidaVia's "Collab" system as their secure online collaboration solution.

The Sanger Institute have previously chosen VidaVia to develop two phases of an online data visualisation system to support the 3i consortium. The first phase was delivered earlier this year and the second phase is nearing final deployment at the time of writing.

The 3i immunophenotyping consortium is project managed by Dr Lucie Abeler-Dörner, based at King's College London, who was seeking a simple, yet secure, way of allowing consortium members to collaborate online and share information, tasks and goals.

3i Collab Logo

"Collab" is a private server SaaS solution (no 'clouds' involved) developed from the ground-up by VidaVia with security and data privacy in mind. It supports unlimited nested working groups and projects and supports either an independent user database or integrates to third party user databases such as Drupal. Collab has previously been adopted by the European Cystic Fibrosis Society and is also used to power collaboration at VidaVia.

For more information on Collab, please contact Martin Robinson martin@vidavia.com