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The Spark of Innovation

Back in 2011, VidaVia was asked to implement the next phases in the development of Spark – a pan-government innovation showcase platform.

As the Spark website itself says, Spark is “the home of cross-government innovation”.

“Spark is at the vanguard of government's efforts to cut the deficit and deliver transparent government for the 21st Century. It provides a place to build partnerships across the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver more for less.”

“Spark is an open community where people can collaborate on projects, share costs and re-use what's already there to create efficiencies, avoid duplication and save money.”

“It is intended that Spark will benefit the many different public sector communities across the UK”

Our work on Spark leveraged our previous work in the sphere of innovation – including developing the National Innovation Centre’s online systems and developing a new competition management system for the SBRI and the Technology Strategy Board.

Our team worked closely with Ian Singleton, Spark’s knowledgeable and highly experienced program director, to help shape the new requirements and efficiently deliver the new phase of development.

Spark is a showcase at heart – it helps organisations and communities to showcase their work and innovations whilst also allowing those same users to discover and adopt the innovations made by others.