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Transparency International EU - Phase 2

Transparency International EU recently launched Phase 2 of their European Corruption Observatory online system - built entirely by VidaVia.

The system makes use of advanced news aggregation technology as well as Reuters' OpenCalais semantic analysis toolkit. The end result is a curated online database of targeted information relating to EU corruption.

The latest upgrades have introduced an automatic news feed "scraping" mechanism which uses a novel approach to analyse and extract news from a broad range of news website feeds. This approach replaces the earlier manual method of requiring analysis of each feed to determine the structure - locating where in the structure the actual news content resided.

The new mechanism allows for automatic "training" of the news feed system to detect when news websites change in any significant way. This leads to a much greater success in news content extraction as well as an exponential growth in the number of feeds that the system is able to handle.

The system is made up of elements ranging from ASP.Net through to Drupal - choosing the best of breed technology for each aspect.

For more information on custom software development, please contact Martin Robinson: martin@vidavia.com