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UK National Innovation Centre

VidaVia have been appointed to further develop and maintain the NIC's key online tools.
We have already played a major part in the development of the NIC website (working through a London-based agency which no longer remains in business) - playing a key technical role for several years but always generally "behind the scenes".

We performed the initial key architecture for the NIC suite of online tools and helped to lead a multi-team project through to delivery.

The new appointments are an approval from the NIC of our role in their development and a demonstration of the faith and trust that the NIC have in VidaVia.

The NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) supports innovators, commissioners, and clinicians to speed up the development and use of innovations that will benefit the NHS. It is a key part of the UK economic recovery process, helping to drive innovation as well as cost savings throughout the NHS and further afield.

VidaVia are very pleased to be able to continue to work in the field of health innovation and this combines well with our ground-breaking work with the Forensic Science Service, ForGenetica and Northumbria University.

Website: National Innovation Centre