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VidaVia develop world-leading Familial Search DNA Software

VidaVia recently signed an agreement with City University to continue to support and market a world-leading DNA familial search software application.

Originally developed by VidaVia for the Forensic Science Service (and previously called FSS-ibd) and making use of a statistical engine produced by Dr Robert Cowell of City University, the product has been rebranded as "GPS-ibd" with new design branding and new security licencing. VidaVia are continuing to work closely with Dr Chris Maguire (the original product manager at the FSS) and Dr Robert Cowell to map out a future product development plan and to place the product with early adopter sites.

GPS-ibd allows for the rapid construction of familial pedigree hypotheses and the population of full or partial DNA profiles. Statistical comparison, based on Bayes Nets theory, of the hypotheses leads to detailed likelihood ratio results which can be output as formatted template-based reports.

The inclusion of a powerful batch profile processor allows GPS-ibd to be linked to a national DNA database for full familial matching against specific pedigree hypotheses and for the results to be ordered by likelihood ratio. This allows GPS-ibd to be used to help guide criminal justice investigations as well as play a pivotal role in disaster victim identification (DVI).

For more information on GPS-ibd, please contact Martin Robinson martin@vidavia.com