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VidaVia Ireland

VidaVia are pleased to annouce the opening of VidaVia Ireland.

This follows on from the opening of VidaVia UK in 2012 - which is already an impact in the 3rd sector and local government sectors.

VidaVia Ireland has its registered office in Cork but will commence with an operational unit in the picturesque town of Westport in County Mayo.

More details on VidaVia Ireland to follow shortly. In the meantime, for more information on VidaVia Ireland please contact Martin Robinson who also manages VidaVia Spain. For information on VidaVia UK please contact Ian Singleton (www.vidavia.co.uk).


  • VidaVia in Spain: VidaVia Media S.L. (registered in Spain #B97227334)
  • VidaVia in UK: VidaVia Limited (registered in UK, #8120870)
  • VidaVia in Ireland: VidaVia Limited (registered in Ireland #534573)